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Anaheim Convention Center Rental – Anaheim Vacation Rental

Are you coming to town for a convention at the Anaheim convention center? No matter what type of convention you’re coming for whether buyer yourself or with a large group of coworkers we can make your visit to Anaheim one of a kind and very memorable. Our Anaheim convention center rental features all of the latest Ingres updates that you can install to a home. Our home is been remodeled with upgrades ranging from stainless Steel Appliances which also included dishes pot stands and anything you would need to serve up to 20 people. We are also the only Vacation Rental Company that offers 5-Star Luxury Homes with Full Home Automation. To our one-of-a-kind game room which features arcade games a PlayStation four as will the 70 inches flat-screen TV. Your employees as well as your fellow coworkers will remember this trip and are Anaheim convention center rental for years to come.

We maintain SUPERHOST status and a 5 star or near with Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, TripAdvisor, . Come enjoy our smart homes while you relax and build amazing memories. We offer complimentary wifi, Netflix HULU, and Apple TV as well as Pandora. Our entire home has been wired with speakers throughout the house so music can be streamed into any room. Our bathrooms are one of a kind because they’ve heated floors in the temperature of the showers in the Jacuzzi bathtub can be controlled from our fully automated iPad. From the ipad you can control just about anything in the house ranging from temperatures outside to keep the music flowing and so much more.

After a long day of selling at a merchant tent or trying to get new customers or investors interested and your business at the Anaheim convention center unwind in our one-of-a-kind backyard which features a heated pool and mini water park features. Your employees will thank you and remember this trip for years to come. Nothing can motivate employees quite like a taste of the good life. A state our one-of-a-kind Anaheim convention center rental will leave you feeling relaxed and rested and ready for each day at the Anaheim convention center.

Please remember that space is limited to give us a call today so we can get started planning your next stay at our one-of-a-kind Anaheim convention center rental. Thank you for taking time out of your very busy day to learn more about our property and we hope to hear from you soon. Book through our website and you will save hundreds on your booking fees. Call now we are waiting to hear from you.

Anaheim Convention Center Rental

Here at Anaheim Vacation RentalsWe’ve had the luxury of supply and many of our commercial customers with excellent lodging situations for their upcoming business trip to the Anaheim convention center. If you have special needs for your Anaheim convention center rental we can certainly meet them for you. Many of our rentals can accommodate up to 20 individuals if you’re bringing staff that exceeds 20 individuals we have multiple properties that are within close proximity of each other that will fulfill your housing needs. Many of our Anaheim convention center rental customers are amazed how much money they save each time they come out to do a convention. For what it would cost to house 20 individuals you can reduce the price very low by using our specially designed Anaheim convention center rentals.

All of our rentals are fully equipped and of every single luxury amenities that you’d find in a hotel.When your staff isn’t creating new sales at the convention or building business relationships they want plenty of time to use are heated pools law and water park features as well as browse local shops. Chances are at least a couple of your employees a one to take a quick trip to Disneyland which is located just down the street for many of our convention center rentals are located. We look forward to helping you plan out your business trip and making it as easy as possible on you. Your staff will love staying at our resort style Anaheim Convention Center Rental and will always want to stay with us.

Many of our previous rental customers have remarked that renting from us one of the best things they had done with it comes to their business trips. What makes our rental so unique is that even though we arent a hotel we have all of the same amenities and even more than the most high end hotels. All of the floors in the bathrooms are heated so you won’t have to worry about anyone getting cold feet. We have taken every step to provide those who stay with us with an amazing quality space that will make all of your employees happy that they chose to attend a work event at the convention center. Make sure to block off enough time for your staff to take a trip to the beach. Our Anaheim Convention Center Rental is just a few short steps from the best beaches in Orange County.

You and your staff can make the best of a work trip by relaxing for a few hours at our unique beaches. Be sure to bring your surf boards and try to hit the beaches early in the morning for the best surf. We will do whatever we can to make sure that your stay at our Anaheim Convention Center Rental is a memorable one. Let us know if you need anything special to make your stay with us a hit. Get started by saving tons on your booking fees by calling in today and booking over the phone. If you book with us over the phone instead of a travel app like VRBO or Airbnb we can pass the savings directly onto you the consumer which means you can stay longer with us.

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