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Are you looking for a unique alternative to staying in a hotel in Anaheim? Our one-of-a-kind Anaheim vacation rental is the premier property when it comes to hotel alternatives and long-term stays. Our property was built from the ground up with luxury elegance and peace of mind at the foremost of all of our construction and remodeling. During the covid 19 pandemic staying at an Anaheim hotel can actually be dangerous. The many different variants of the covid 19 virus can stay in rooms for quite some time. Our Anaheim vacation rental is always cleaned completely with all of the surfaces being wiped and linens swapped whenever a new tenant books their stay. We will always go out of our way to make sure that your health is accounted for.

You might want to think twice about using amenities at hotels because of the pandemic it is clearly the opposite when used in our Anaheim vacation rental. Our Anaheim vacation rental can house up to 20 people for even long-term stays in visits. What separates our home from hotels is that our property feels a lot more like a home base we can actually rest and recuperate in a comfortable environment. Renting our vacation rental you can actually settle in and enjoy yourself and they can feel just like home although you’re on vacation you are only going to have to unpack your slippers and socks once. Our vacation rental gives you much more square feet per person than even a large hotel and most bed and breakfast inns as well. Even if you’re traveling with a large group they will say that our house could very well surpass the 20 people that we advise you is a good number for staying. Our property comes GM pact with all the amenities that you would need to entertain up to 20 folks.

We have a one-of-a-kind kitchen and it features all stainless Steel Appliances as well as a large kitchen custom island that is perfect for catering up to 20 people. You will actually save money by cooking at our house instead of having to eat out of every meal. Our property comes fully stocked with pots pans and dishes and anything you would need to cater a large dinner. You absolutely don’t have to bring anything besides yourself and your clothes when it comes to staying in our Anaheim vacation rental. We’ve done all the pre-planning that is necessary to make sure that you have a one-of-a-kind vacation at our Anaheim vacation rental. What’s different from staying with us than an actual hotel is that there’s no property manager on site. If you need us you concerning reach out to us via telephone and we can appear in person almost immediately. Make your next trip a memorable one by booking with us today.

Anaheim Vacation Rentals is the superior choice to any other Hotel Anaheim location. What makes our Vacation rentals so unique and different is that we have better amenities than even the highest-end hotel in Anaheim. You and your guest will be blown away at the quality of our Anaheim Vacation Rentals and will want to stay with us whenever you plan a vacation. What also makes our rentals so unique is that they are closer to Disneyland and Downtown Disney than any other Hotel in Anaheim.

Downtown Disney is a great place to visit if you are looking for amazing shopping and adult fun like concerts and bars. If you have a little to much to drink you can walk right back to our vacation rental in a little under 10 minutes. What makes us a better option than any other Hotel in Anaheim is that you get an immense amount of privacy with our locations. At many hotels in Anaheim the chances of you getting a comfortable bed with clean sheets can sometimes be a difficult prospect.

At Anaheim Vacation Rentals we go out of our way to make sure that your vacation rental is completely sanitized before you get here. From the bottom to the top and wall to wall we sanitize everything. We also offer free wi-fi that is lightning fast and can sustain even groups of 20 people on the connection at once. When it comes to booking at a hotel in Anaheim or using one of our beautiful vacation rentals it really is a no-brainer. We feature better than hotel amenities built just for you. No matter your age or the demographic of your guests you will love spending time at one of our unique and exquisite rentals.

When you rent from Anaheim Vacation Rentals be sure to keep in mind that we will not be onsite during your stay. If you have questions about how the automation and units function we can meet you at the rental to show you. If for some reason you forget about how to operate the automation of the pool or bathroom or any of the other amenities we have created a section in our blog area where we have videos that give you further instructions on the operations of your unit.

We promise you will love a stay at one of our Hotel Anaheim alternatives. We have designed all of our properties to rival even the best hotel in Anaheim. If you are planning a special event for your stay with us we would love to help. Please be sure to let us know what type of event you are planning and we can help you with the details. Here at Anaheim Vacation Rentals we just want to make sure that you have a quality stay with us. No matter the size of your budget for your trip to Anaheim surely we will have a property that works for you. You can save tons of money on your booking fees by calling and direct booking with us. You might even save so much that you get to book bonus days with us.

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